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Do I need planning permission to create a new window opening?

If you’re carrying out modifications to your property, you may be planning to create a new window opening. However, you’ll need to know whether you require planning permission to do this. Here, we take a closer look at when you may need to obtain planning permission to move or add a window to your home.


In most normal circumstances, it’s possible to replace windows or add new ones in your home’s original walls without any need to obtain planning permission. This is because this is usually included in your PDR (permitted development rights). No planning approval will be required to insert new window openings so long as any windows on an upper floor side elevation have obscured glass glazing and are fitted into a non-opening frame. ARE THERE ANY EXCEPTIONS?

There are exceptions to any rule, and in some situations, you will need to obtain planning permission to have a new window opening added to your property. If there were conditions attached to your property’s original permission, you’ll need to obtain approval. You can find out if this is the case by contacting your local authority. I WANT TO ADD A BAY WINDOW

If you’re planning to add a new bay window to your home, be aware that you may need to apply for planning permission since it will be classed as an extension. WHAT ABOUT IF I LIVE IN A LISTED BUILDING OR A DESIGNATED AREA?

If you’re living in a property that is a listed building you’ll need to obtain listed building consent to have any major works carried out to your home, whether external or internal. This includes approval for a new window opening to be created. Also, if you’re living in a designated area such as a national park, conservation area or AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) you may find that there are extra restrictions that you will need to adhere to when it comes to having a new window opening created. I AM A LEASEHOLDER – WILL I NEED PLANNING PERMISSION?

If you have a leasehold property, you may not need to obtain planning permission from the local authority for your new window openings, however, you may need to obtain permission from the landlord of your property. HAVING A NEW WINDOW FITTED

If you’re carrying out modifications to your home and are having a new window created, you’ll need to choose the right kind of window to suit your own preferences and the character of your property. Bear in mind the character of the area in which you live too, so that you can choose a style of window that looks in keeping and that complements your home’s existing aesthetic.

Always refer to your Local Authority prior to ordering or installing any new windows to prevent any costly mistakes.


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